About Rama Food Manufacture Corp


Since its inception, Ontario, California-based Rama Food Manufacture Corp. has produced some of the freshest Asian rice stick noodles popular with wholesale firms and with Vietnamese and Thai restaurants. The company vets all of its raw materials vendors in order to ensure premium products and prepares all items fresh on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, Rama Food Manufacture Corp. employs vacuum-seal technology right after steaming, so that the noodles arrive well preserved and ready for consumption.

The company offers two products, banh pho tuoi and pad Thai. Made of water, potato starch, soybean oil, and rice, the noodles are free of gluten. Furthermore, because they are not fried, but steamed, they boast fewer calories and lower cholesterol and fat levels than some other noodles. To cook them, chefs need only dip them in boiling water for as little as five seconds. The noodles can be combined with a host of meats, herbs, vegetables, and other ingredients to create any number of authentic Asian dishes. More information about the company’s products is available at RamaFood.com.




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